Orchestra Health for Surgery Facilities


Orchestra Health handles surgical coordination across your entire facility, delivering best-in-class perioperative care backed by medical and technological expertise.

Why Orchestra

Streamline Patient Intake

Orchestra Health standardizes risk assessments, lab orders, and document management all in one centralized platform so you don’t have to piece together information from multiple providers and EHR’s. 

Increase Visibility

Your organization will have full access to the entire patient journey from surgery determination through recovery, allowing you to track bed availability and recognize issues as they arise. 

Let Your Surgeons be Surgeons

By handling the legwork, Orchestra Health lets your surgeons do what they do best: performing surgeries and getting patients back on their feet.

Everything You Need, Everywhere You Go

Our Platform
With our desktop and mobile solution, you can track patients across multiple locations and offices to ensure clearance and mitigate problems as quickly as possible. 
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Orchestra Health can help you reduce cancellations and focus on what you do best: helping patients.
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