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Orchestra Health was founded by medical and tech professionals who came together to solve a common and costly problem.

Who are the founders of Orchestra?

Orchestra Health was co-founded by Stuart Solomon MD, an anesthesiologist with a background in perioperative medicine and digital health, alongside Austin Lopez-Gomez, an experienced logistics software engineer with a career in operations heavy industries. This combination of medical and technological expertise underpins Orchestra's approach to innovating preoperative care.

When was Orchestra founded?

Orchestra Health was founded in the summer of 2022, marking the beginning of its mission to enhance preoperative care through technological innovation.

How did the founders work together to fulfill the company mission?

The inception of Orchestra Health stemmed from the recognition of the need for improved preoperative care processes. Stuart observed continuous gaps in the current delivery of perioperative care and the potential for better outcomes, and collaborated with Austin to design a solution. Over the ensuing months, they developed a comprehensive software platform that combines medical knowledge with efficient process management, aiming to streamline and improve the care transition experience around surgery.

How many Orchestra users did you earn within the first year?

In its first year, Orchestra Health partnered with University of Texas Health Surgeons, focusing on orthopedic and spine surgery departments. This collaboration resulted in a substantial reduction in surgical cancellations and improvements in care quality, demonstrating the effectiveness of Orchestra's platform. Within this year, the platform was adopted by several initial surgeon offices, successfully impacting over 1,000 preoperative patients.

What are the future goals for Orchestra?

Orchestra Health aims to establish partnerships with surgeons and the facilities they operate at to deliver a comprehensive, integrated solution for the entire surgical process, from the initial decision for surgery through recovery. Orchestra Health offers a centralized, streamlined preoperative process, enhancing efficiency and patient outcomes in surgical care.

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